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Our suggestion as a next step would be for you to meet with your coach and have a chemistry session to see if you think you could work together.  We can do that in person, over the phone or via web link and is free of charge.  

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Where will your talent go for nurturing?

Can your business leave its next generation of leaders  to chance?

Or will you invest the energy in making sure your current and future leaders build the kind of organisation needed for the next decade?

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I found my coaching to be thought provoking and inspirational. I know for certain I would not have progressed in my career without it

Adrian’s coaching expertise has been pivotal in supporting learning across our entire leadership programme. 

For this reason we see Adrian as a true partner to our business and one that we see lasting well into the future.

When selecting The Learning Concept as a partner organisation to help develop their talent we recognise that our clients place with us the honour and privilege of helping craft their future.  So when a client puts their trust in us we work hard to ensure we are a safe pair of hands that gets results.  

Helping others make sense of the challenges of leadership,

clarify self, initiate authentic change, develop presence

and create their own unique leadership practice


As Simon Western suggests, if you want to become a Monk you don’t just go on a ‘Monk Skills Course’ it takes time to reflect and identify those qualities needed to become a wise and fruitful Monk.  

Similarly if you want to become a Leader you can attend a ‘Leadership Skills Course’ but it will take time to truly emerge as a wise and fruitful Leader.

Allocating the responsibility and accountability for the growth of your people to a partner organisation requires the highest levels of trust.


Adrian created a relaxed, friendly learning environment where my participation was encouraged and I cannot speak highly enough of him.


Space - The chance to step away from the busyness of the day to day and pause and reflect

Confidentiality - The foundation of the openness and honesty needed to create meaningful exchanges

Relationship - To work with an individual in a way rarely experienced outside of the coaching process

Self-Awareness - To recognise the sub conscious patterns and bias that fill our worlds

Change - To facilitate the process of change using a variety of methodologies and routes to achieve it

Our five core conditions of a coaching exchange provide a unique experience.  For those we coach and our client organisations they enable us to work with them to create the successful outcomes we strive for.

For those we coach the coaching relationship is unlike any other. We believe it provides for and facilitates five core conditions they are:

The Learning Concept is a coaching practice that specialises in helping nurture talent and growth.  Myself and all of our team are qualified to Masters level or above and are at the cutting edge of coaching practice and talent. Which means you can rest assured the competency and knowledge your chosen coach will have, is of the highest calibre.

We thrive, in helping individuals thrive, in the complex dynamics of today’s world, where the answers of yesterday will not solve the challenges of today let alone tomorrow.

My name is Adrian Newbery M.A. (Distinction). I started The Learning Concept with a vision built on the power of one to one coaching and is the result of over 25 years of coaching experience and study.  Which culminated in undertaking a Masters in Coaching at Warwick University between 2014 - 16.

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Click on the Coaching Puzzle for a paper answering the question “What is Coaching?” which will give you an insight into our coaching philosophy.

Most qualified coaches these days can deliver ‘generic’ content very well, Adrian – delivers ‘bespoke’ content at consistently high level of excellence.

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Choosing the right coach is essential as the relationship you have with them will be the cornerstone of your development.

Let’s Talk and discover if we could be the coach you are seeking.

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